Go Go Amy, Burlesque Perfomer & Pin Up Model

Let’s take a peek at the beautiful, talented Burlesque Performer and Pin Up Model, Go Go Amy. She is a delightful entertainer that captures the retro culture of the 1940’s. From designing her own costumes, modeling, dancing and teaching classes in Vintage Pin Up Modeling, this sexy soul is sweet as candy. She is an …

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AMY OH! – Showcase

Amy Oh!

All the way from Royal Windsor England hails PIN-UP MODEL Amy Oh!. This beautiful blonde bombshell is a real heart breaker. Her dazzling smile and crystal blue eyes can light up the darkest of rooms and simply radiate in her photos. Amy Oh! was ┬ákind enough to give us an interview and share with us a little bit more about herself and her passion for the PIN UP Era and it’s Lifestyle.


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