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{Ann Savage witch ~ carbonated}

{Cute jack-o-lantern cupcakes ~ *CQ*}

{Excitement ~ carbonated}

{Skeleton and witch ~ superbomba}

{June Lang Halloween ~ carbonated}

{Harvest moon dinner ~ Skip Hansen}

{Nice cloak ~ carbonated}

{Black kitten ~ mourner}

{Vintage Halloween card ~ joe&peta}

{Full harvest moon ~ Elle-Epp}

The twinge of excitement that’s been building since the stroke of midnight when August ushered in September, has grown to near peak capacity, as Halloween looms just four days away now.

My most favourite and beloved holiday (and, aside from my wedding anniversary, day of the year, period) since I was the size of a mini pumpkin, Halloween is an event that I wait for with more enthusiasm than a vampire pouncing on an unsuspecting victim in the shadows.

To me it is a night of magic and enchantment, heightened senses, mysteries, fun, games, scrumptious treats, treasured decorations, taking on a new persona (through my costume), recounting October 31st’s past, and delighting in every single second of this unique, endlessly awesome day.

One can never have too many Halloween decorations, in my books, nor pieces of candy, costumes, friends to celebrate it with, or eerie, hauntingly beautiful, or playful All Hallow’s Eve themed images to look at.

To that end, I knew that I wanted this edition of Flickr Favourites to be devoted to a day that has brought me more merriment over the years than I could ever shake a witch’s broomstick at, and which I know is also a treasured, deeply beloved celebration for many of you, too.

I hope you enjoy and garner inspiration from these hair-raisingly marvelous October 31st themed images of past and present, and am wishing you each the happiest countdown to Halloween, my dearest ghouls, hobgoblins, sorceresses, werewolves, and ghosties!

Are you abuzz with excitement over Halloween’s impending arrival next week like I am? If the festively themed posts that have been filling the vintage blogosphere already as of late are anything to go, then I highly suspect many of you are are as well.

Whether you’re practically living in your costume, bowl of candy all set to hand out to trick-or-treaters, already or haven’t yet had a chance to even figure out what you’re going to wear this All Hallow’s Eve, I thought it would be an inspiration filled blast to take a look at twenty photographs of classic Hollywood starlets decked out on some seriously wonderful vintage Halloween garb.

Whether you want to take a page from one of these looks for your costume, or just adore looking at these snaps and further getting in the spirit of October 31st, I hope you all enjoy these delightfully spooky photos of yesteryear actresses as much as I did!

Classic Hollywood actress Lillian Wells, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Lillian Wells ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Etchika Choureau, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Etchika Choureau ~*~
Classic Hollywood actress Peggy Ryan, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Peggy Ryan ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Paulette Goddard, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Paulette Goddard ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Virginia Welles, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Virginia Welles ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Cyd Charisse, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Cyd Charisse  ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Colleen Moore, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Colleen Moore ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ida Lupino, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ida Lupino ~*~
Classic Hollywood actress Ann Miller, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Ann Miller ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Kim Novak, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~  Kim Novak ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Dusty Anderson, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~ Dusty Anderson  ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Myrna Loy, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Myrna Loy ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Nan Grey, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Nan Grey ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Lucia Carroll, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Lucia Carroll ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Yvonne De Carlo, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Yvonne De Carlo ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ruth Roman, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ruth Roman ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Anne Nagel, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Anne Nagel ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Veronica Lake, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~  Veronica Lake ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Betty Grabble, vintage Halloween pin-up girl photo

~*~ Betty Grabble ~*~

Classic Hollywood actress Ava Gardner, vintage Halloween witch pin-up girl photo

~*~ Ava Gardner ~*~

{All images above are from Flickr. To learn more about a specific image, please click on it to be taken to its respective Flickr page.}

Oh-la-la! What a bevy of stunning vintage beauties! Do you have a favourite photo from amongst these immensely talented, Halloween costume clad actresses?

A chance encounter with a certain type of vintage hat early on this year instantly morphed into the idea for what I wanted my Halloween costume to be this October, and in the ensuing months, I’ve tried to find other pieces to go with it, so that I could have a complete costume. Was I successful? Well, you’ll just have to wait until Halloween to find out! Smile

Luckily though, with just six more days to go, you wont’ be waiting long, and in the meantime we can all set about putting the finishing touches on our home decor, candy stashes, costumes, and party decorations, so that when the awesomeness that is Halloween finally rolls around, we’ll be as ready and rearing to go as a witch at a buy one get one free cauldron sale when the big night arrives!

This sun-kissed image is honoring the start of Surf season here in Nor Cal (which starts in October and goes throughout winter), leading to the great Mavericks in Feb/March. As I was anticipating some nice cool autumn weather this week and planning hearty fall recipes (like roasted acorn squash with cinnamon…) temps soared over the Bay Area, making me think of a classic surf film, The Endless Summer. I photographed this lovely real-life surfer girl (a total sweetheart) in my studio, but layered the image with watercolor effects. Hope you like it as much as I do! Enjoy! And now booking holiday sessions! xoxo Kelly
Make-Up and Hair Styling by Ann Ho